Hasn’t it already? Once you have paid a deposit you will be put in our calendar. Paying your deposit

reserves the needed time to complete your project on our design and strategy calendars.

Your invoice will have a “projected start date” and that will be the day we will “officially” begin work.

These dates are dependent on obtaining all the needed information, as requested or assigned by our

team, before the start date.


For our relationship to be the best, we have to be honest. So, our first request is transparency and honesty.

From feedback to concerns to dreams, share openly with us, and we will do the same.

Down to business, in order to speed up the efficiency of the process, shortly after your invoice is paid,

you’ll receive an email from our team requesting your assets. Assets include, but aren’t limited to, imagery,

fonts, logos, color palettes, etc. Any submitted by you, our client, we are assuming is owned by

you and available for use, unless otherwise stated in writing.

We need have one contact person who has ultimate approval.


We are not technical support or a web host. We will help you find a third party to host your site.

We are not copywriters or proofreaders. We would be happy to get you an estimate for that work with

one of our contractors.

We are with you along the way, side by side, but we are not employees.

We are partners in your brand development.


Everything discussed is confidential.

Our office hours are Monday through Friday 9 AM to 5 PM and we reserve the right to alter those hours

as needed. Email is our preferred method of communicating and will be answered during normal business


We do not text with clients.

That’s right- we do not text about work. You get busy, we get busy, and all replied, one too many times,

“sorry, I saw this text but didn’t reply”- so let’s put it all in email.

Our meeting will be planned and agenda-based with a goal of knocking everything out and wrapping

up in 60 minutes. Time is valuable, often times yours more than ours, making time to get away to meet

with us can be an ordeal. Therefore, we try to plan all meetings at least 3 days in advance, and rarely

(only as needed) on Mondays or Fridays.


We may display materials and final work created for you in our portfolio, website and social media.


We don’t want to limit your ability to change your mind, but we have to stay on a timeline.

The price of the estimate is based on the length of time we think we need to accomplish everything

you’ve told us you want to achieve, but we know things change. If you want to change your mind or

add anything new, that’s not problem as we’ll provide a separate estimate and timeline for that. If your

revisions are in excess of our standard 2 revision workflow, additional charges my be incurred at our

hourly rate (found on our BE Services and Fees list).

Don’t be scared, our goal in our pre-work and constant communication is so that we grasp your vision

and hold it closely throughout the process in an effort to prevent any major “off-track” designs or