May 1, 2022
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Custom or Customized?

Your brand is unique, but your website isn't?

Let’s start with the basics.

cus·tom /ˈkəstəm/ made or done to order for a particular customer.

cus·tom·ize /ˈkəstəˌmīz/ modify (something) to suit a particular individual or task.

What exactly is a custom website?

A site built EXACTLY for your company, business or brand.  Typically, your website builder has a background as a developer, and has a broad understanding of your company goals, direction, where you are, but also, and sometimes most importantly, where you are going. With both the insight and foresight, your website can be built to move with your growth.  

Custom sites are, and should be, more expensive.  Why?  You’re working with an expert designer and developer team.  You’re getting seasoned experience and understanding.  You will benefit from the knowledge acquired over years- knowledge of the wins and opportunities- insuring that the outcome has a higher possibility of addressing all of your needs in the most efficient and effective manner.

Additionally, a custom designer tends to have a more unique taste, style, and sensibility.  (Read also: your website is just going to be a little cooler).

What is a customized website?

This is where all the commercials you hear while listening to your podcasts come into play (ok, drag me for not being a commercial-less premium member)- Shopify, Squarespace, ShowIt, Wix, Wordpress, et al.

Considered more of a plug and play platform, you simply pick a pre-designed template and you drag and drop your content into place.  You can add your pictures, change the colors and the fonts, but you’re “uniqueness” is limited. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with these types of sites, customized templates are probably majority of the sites you visit.

Because these are far less work to bring to life, along with that, comes a far less ticket price.  Everyone you know is starting some sort of business, and it would be silly to think that they would have an out of the gate budget to cover a custom site.

All that to be said-

We are a custom agency.  

Not just our websites, but all of our projects.  Because we are starting, each time, for each project, with a blank slate (vs a starting template), we are offering our clients a unique approach to their brand.  Our unjilted, uninfluenced eyes and minds allow limitless thought and consideration to bring your project to life.  

We are a small agency, and we act like one.  Because we are giving you all our goods, we don’t, and can’t, take on every project.  Our prices are calculated by the hour, and measured against years of experience.  We are always learning design styles and techniques, watching trends (but not following them) and consistently innovating our style and designs.  Function and form meet perfectly in designs because not only is the exterior customized, the back-end (the part our clients’ access to modify information) is also built-to-suit.

If your brand is going to be unique with a unique point of view, wouldn’t you want your website to be just as special?

Let’s roll.

PS: We've continued the conversation on this blog.

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