May 17, 2022
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Custom or Customized | The Q's

You get what you pay for- so be sure to ask these questions.

When you’re ready to talk to someone about bringing your website to life- here are just a few questions to ask to ask your website designer.

Tell me about your design background.

  • Follow-up: How did you get into website design?

Will my website design be handled in-house, or out-sourced?

  • Follow-up: If not handled by the person you’re talking to: will I meet with the designer?

For my site, will you be using a template, or do you build custom websites?

  • Follow-up: What platform do you use to build websites?
  • Wordpress, Shopify, Squarespace, ShowIt, Wix, etc. - this means customized.
  • Muse, Webflow - this is a custom build platform.
  • If “customized”: You now know that this project shouldn’t be very expensive.  If you wanted to expand, ask them what the template selection process is like, and will you be involved.
  • If “custom”: Will you develop a custom UX/UI Kit?
  • Say what?  This is your User Experience, User Interface assets.  Typically, this is a readable guide that showcases the website colors, fonts, spacing rules, button design, etc.  
  • Will my site come with a custom CMS?
  • Say what?  CMS is Content Management System- the organized way that you will be able to add/change/modify information on your site.

This should be enough to get your conversation rolling in a direction.  Whether it’s the direction you want to go in, well, that’s up to you.  But at least you know what you’re getting, what your expectations should be, and the capabilities of your designer.

Need some advice, guidance? Shoot us an email: hello@brandengine.co

Want something custom, cool, and a little weird?  Shoot us an email: hello@brandengine.co

Let’s roll.

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