September 1, 2020
Brand Engine

Why Brand Engine?

What makes us stand out among other branding agencies, graphic designers, and web developers.

We get this question a lot. There are many competent agencies to choose from, and many in the Wilmington-area alone and even more after a Google search. It’s difficult to stand out when the standards are as high as they are.

How does Brand Engine stand out from the rest?

First and foremost, it’s the quality of design work and the expert level of experience to bring it to life.  Our designs and final products combine form and function, while staying innovative, ahead of the curve, and unique to your industry, while representing your brand in the best way possible.

Then, it’s our Brand Engine Team who brings your ideas to reality.  We’re a team of creatives-turned-entrepreneurs with backgrounds in marketing, design and brand strategy. This diverse panoply of skills and perspectives makes us stronger, cleverer and more daring. Our experience + your vision = endless possibilities.

Lastly, we do it all under one roof.  Our team can address multiple areas to your brand development while physically working together as a team.  The ability to meet, discuss, and brainstorm your project in real-time is an invaluable contribution to our final projects.  Hand us the wheel, we’ve got it all from here.

Each client, project, business, and brand that comes to us, or is created from us, is unique and deserves the highest level of consideration and presentation.  

If you’re ready to step it up or not sure where to start, contact us below and let’s get after it!

Brand Engine

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Edge of Urge - Website Design - E-Commerce
Edge of Urge E-Commerce Website Design by Brand Engine
Modern Legend - Coastal Collective Poster
Modern Legend poster - graphic design by Brand Engine
R&CO - Photography
Brand Photography for Rebecca & Co of Greensboro - Brand Engine
PRETTY ALRIGHT GOODS | Campaign Photography
Brand Engine Product Photography for Pretty Alright Goods, a Greeting Card company located in Raleigh, NC

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