October 1, 2020
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Refresh or Rebrand

Does your brand need a face lift or just a spa day?

Times are changing quickly, business is being reimagined, and you’re looking at your brand and wondering how to catch and keep the attention of existing and new customers, and thinking now could be the time for a change.

As a creative agency, and because our team has various backgrounds in design, business, and marketing, we see things differently, and many times, we recommend to our clients a brand refresh more than a total rebrand.  A brand refresh simply takes what’s working and evolves it to fit your current needs, direction, and the climate of your industry.

Rebrand, if…

  • You are personally embarrassed by your business or brand.  Harsh, but sometimes true.
  • You’ve lost direction and can’t give an elevator pitch about who you are, what you do, and who you do it with/for.
  • You look to your left and right and you’re getting left in the dust by your industry competitors.

Refresh, if…

  • You love what you’ve been and just want to be better.
  • Your industry is transitioning and you want to be a part of the movement.
  • As you’ve grown, your vision has become more clear, and you want to make sure that revelation is known.

What now?  Here are a few ideas to breathe some new life into your brand and business.

Update your Logo

In the pre-Instagram/internet/everything at your fingertips from all over the globe era, many brands designed logos to simply look like their competitors, or who they wished they were. Or maybe your logo was just something that you personally liked at the time and it doesn’t really match your now-established brand direction and story. Start by talking about your brand, or sharing your story with a designer, and see what words come to mind, what feelings, what you envision.  

An updated logo and iconography tend to organically lead you to a new set of typography and fonts, and even a freshened up color palette.

Update your Imagery

Maybe you’ve been relying on a photoshoot you did years ago.  Maybe you’ve used stock imagery in the past.  Whatever the case, a new photoshoot will work wonders for your brand.  But before you hire a photographer, consider this:

  • What story, personality, or feeling do your images need to express?
  • What works in your industry?
  • Not saying be “trendy”, but if something is working, get in on the success.
  • Does your product imagery showcase your products in the most ideal way?
  • Easily understand the product size
  • Are your items/images properly lit?
  • Can you see the details that make you unique?
  • What imagery do you need to support your brand/mission?
  • Do you need images of your end-user/consumer?
  • Is the process of making the items, or doing your business important?

Update your Conversation

Understanding who you’re talking to is key when creating content.  Adjusting your voice and language to speak more directly to a specific customer group or persona could make a change in the response and engagement of your customers.   If your customer base has made a shift, or you want to shift into a new customer base, start saying something they want to hear.

You may have even noticed when you share certain information your audience responds the way you’d like.  You might get the desired reaction or conversion if your language is more product-specific, ingredient-focused, or technical - or maybe it’s conversational, free-sharing, relaxed language.  

Understanding your current situation, creating a plan, and making small, consistent changes can create a big difference in your brand image.  Most importantly, don’t get overwhelmed.  Resistance to change is common, and if that’s the case, try viewing these changes as an evolution of your brand, or an experiment for better understanding.

Unsure of where to start, let’s set up a consultation to discuss and see how we can help.  
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